The GKR is comprised of many businesses registered in looking to sell to government agencies (B2G) or other businesses (B2B). Each business that registers a keyword has the ability to market to the most important buyers from the government, the purchase card holders, along with thousands of other businesses in the State of North Carolina. So how does all this work and benefit businesses?

Step 1

An advertiser ( Business) registers the keyword phrase "Valentine's Day Flowers Fort Bragg" from AIT.

Step 2

Example ad on

The advertiser pays the associated fee for the keyword or phrase and then creates and associates an advertisement, such as the one seen to the right.

Step 3

The keyword registration and the advertisement is accepted into the GKR and syndicated to any search result for that term inside of the system.

Step 4 users (Government Agency reps, other businesses) perform searches for "Valentine's Day Flowers Fort Bragg" and the advertisers associated ad displays.

Step 5

The Internet user clicks the advertiser's ads and reaches the desired profile of YOUR business with your contact information, including any specialty areas such as GSA contract numbers, etc.

You can advertise your Name, Phone Number or even Email Address! This is something you can't do with Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

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